The lawyers Matteo Belli and Francesca Marchetti are the founder of the law firm and both member of the Bar Association of Trieste.

The lawyer Matteo Belli performs the legal profession within the prevailing and specialist of the Labour Law, but also with competence in matters of contract, damages (claims, medical negligence) and criminal protection, focalizing the assistence for company and corporations in every step of labour litigations, personal management, commercial contracts and possible penalties and dipsute.
The firm pays particular attention to the relationship with the customer and the customization work, taking into account specific expertise and the ability to coordinate activities with a network of professionals with complementary skills (accountants, cdl, legal experts, medical examiners, interpreters for foreign customers, tax experts etc.).

The law firm deals international dispute and contracts also with a native polish speaking lawyer.
Modern techniques also allow even remote management of customer relations, with a constant exchange of information and, thanks to collaborations with a legal network, it is guaranteed assistance in cases throughout the national territory and European conutries.
The activity, carried out for years before the various jurisdictions (Courts, Courts of Appeal, Regionale Courts, Court of Auditors) and to the administrative authorities is a wealth of experience gained within help  to companies and workers in the critical steps of the relations (hiring, firing, transformation, disciplinary proceedings, separations and transfers, personal injury, bankruptcy, retirement), as well as with reference to the problems mobbing, demotion, straining, conducted discriminatory.
At the same time, since 2006, technical work has been complemented by a steady training and scientific attention, working with various law reviews, (Driving to work, IlSole24Ore, Law Review of the News Labour) and specialized sites (Overlex and Law & Rights), with dozens of published articles.
The Lawyer Belli is inserted in the list of legal experts of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia work, established by decree n. 470 dd. 29.09.2009 of the Agency's Regional Director of Labour.
Since 2009 he is a partner AGIT (Italian Lawyers giusconsumeristi), an association that takes care of the protection of consumers and has taken the course of the Criminal Chamber of Trieste specialization in criminal law and procedure, getting the relevant certificate and expanding my skills even to criminal matters. .
He draws a speaker at the following conferences: "Protection of savings", organized by Agi and Agit, Trieste 12.03.2009; "Powers and duties of the Support Officer, regulatory and administrative requirements", organized by IRSSES people to give and the Province of Trieste, 18.03.2009; "The work stress related risk" of 20.04.2012 organized by AGI on 22.04.2012.


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Convengo 2023


Giovedì 6 aprile l'Avvocato Belli parteciperà in qualità di relatore

al convegno "Lavoro Sportivo: opportunità e vincoli" organizzato

dal Comune di Trieste